Make a Donation to Sak Saum.

Sak Saum is active in the financial support of In His Steps International, their non-profit in Cambodia. IHSI and Sak Saum are working to:
+provide care to orphans and widows in the community.
+provide education and care to the children & youth in Father's House.
+community development, youth outreach & children's program through Gospel Community Church of Saang.

All Donations to Sak Saum are tax-deductible. Please click on the button below to donate to the general Sak Saum fund. 
*Please designate your contribution to Sak Saum in the purpose field. 


Would you like to specifically designate your donation to a current project or need? Take a look below.

Youth Watch Program: We understand that one of the most powerful ways to fight human trafficking is stopping it before it starts. We are actively workin in our communities to identify and protect youth who are at risk of trafficking and exploitation. In these situations we work closely with local government to keep these young people safe from being sold by family members. We also provide willing families with support and resources that bring dignity and security while ensuring their children grow and flourish. Because of people's willingness to fund our Youth Watch Program, our children have bright, free and full futures ahead of them. 
You're an integral part of this so we can continue to help change communities. 

10 people $50/month


Healthcare: Many of our young men and women have recurring health problems or simply need basic care. Your gift can help them visit the dentist, buy vitamins, pay for an annual exam and/or more.

Cost: $50/month