Colorado Springs Distribution Center

Over the last three years, Sak Saum’s business has grown substantially. In His Steps International (our umbrella organization) is a non-profit; however, Sak Saum’s ministry is self-sustaining through the sale of our handbags, wallets, accessories and other products. Currently, we have advocates in approximately 30 states with requests for home parties and wholesale orders coming daily. We also fill orders in several other countries including Australia, Japan, England and more. In 2011, Sak Saum generated $295,000 in revenue before expenses with net income being $111,000. In 2010, Sak Saum’s net income was $40,000. Each year we are seeing increasing sales and new opportunities.

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Father's House Project

Did you know that every Sak Saum bag has a story behind it? A story of desperation. A story of restoration. A story of hope and rehabilitation.

The Story of the Yun Bag. It is called “Yun” for a reason, named after a woman who died too soon. She left behind a young son named Timothy. She was persevering, kind and full of love for her boy.

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