Father's House Project

Did you know that every Sak Saum bag has a story behind it? A story of desperation. A story of restoration. A story of hope and rehabilitation.

The Story of the Yun Bag. It is called “Yun” for a reason, named after a woman who died too soon. She left behind a young son named Timothy. She was persevering, kind and full of love for her boy.

She knew leaving her son behind opened up great risks for him. She wanted something better for him. A chance at life with dignity. We promised we would not forget. We promised to help.

Today Timothy lives in In His Steps’ (IHSI) safehouse - the Father’s House. He is quiet but joyful. Smart. Funny. Compassionate. He is a boy with a painful past and a bright future.

What is Father’s House?

Father’s House is a safehouse for children with abusive/trafficked backgrounds. Eleven children (ages 7-17) live together in a family setting with two houseparents.

The stories of how they came to Father’s House are all different. But without this safe haven, they would be at risk of:

Domestic violence
Labor exploitation
Neglect and abandonment
Violence, crime and drug use

Sak Saum has worked hard to be self-sustaining so that we can do more, help more. to(get)her is our new platform to do so. We can’t do it alone. No one can. But together we can make a difference.

Download the full proposal here.