Ambassador Tips

Selling Sak Saum can be a fun, meaningful way to build a successful business that helps bring freedom to others around the world! Here are a few helpful hints as you begin…

  • Host your first event within a month of receiving your product while your enthusiasm and excitement is at its peak.
  • Make a list of friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and others in your circle who may be interested in shopping with a purpose.
  • Give people enough notice to plan – people love looking forward to something!
  • Call or extend a personal invitation – Sak Saum is very relational and we find that the personal approach goes a long way.
  • Print your own business cards so people can contact you to buy at a later date.
  • Take time to educate yourself about Sak Saum’s vision and program.
  • Learn about human trafficking so that you can speak clearly and compellingly about how buying Sak Saum product is helping someone stand “For Freedom.”
  • Think about the atmosphere of your event. Consider providing your guests with a fun beverage and tasty snack.
  • Display the product the way you would find it in a store. You may want to stuff the bags with plastic or invest in some simple but classy ways to display the product (bag hangers/stands).
  • Have cash available to make change.
  • Make sure the bags are priced beforehand for easy shopping.

Have fun and be passionate!