Do you own a business or know someone who does? Consider introducing Sak Saum products to your community through the business sector. We offer a selection of our products at wholesale prices. Email our representative for more info.

Wholesale Policy

What is the difference between wholesale and retail? 

Sak Saum wholesalers purchase our product at a reduced price and are then free to re-sell the items at a higher price, keeping the additional money to use for whatever they wish. Retail means selling Sak Saum’s products at their full market value with all proceeds returned directly to Sak Saum.  

How does wholesale benefit Sak Saum? 

The primary benefit in wholesale is not financial. Though Sak Saum does receive some income from wholesale, it is minimal compared to the profit from retail. The real benefit with wholesale is through marketing and raising awareness about Sak Saum’s ministry. 

Are all of Sak Saum’s products available for wholesale purchase?

No. We have a limited product line that we offer to wholesale clients. Some of our products require excess time and expensive fabrics to create. For that reason, we only offer those items via retail. 

What are Sak Saum’s guidelines for selling wholesale?

  • Sak Saum is an organization dedicated to the restoration and rehabilitation of exploited women. Products shall be presented keeping this image in mind. All applicants for Sak Saum products agree not to misrepresent products or their source.
  • All wholesale orders are subject to the Wholesale Agreement terms and conditions as listed in the attached document. Form must be signed and received prior to any order fulfillment.

I want to purchase wholesale so what is the next step?

Our wholesale website, www.saksaumwholesale.myshopify.com , showcases our current collection and pricing. It also features sale items from our previous season(s). Once you have made the decision to partner with Sak Saum, please contact our Director’s Assistant and Wholesale Coordinator Jessica Hanson at jhanson@saksaum.com . You will be given a link to our Wholesale Agreement and an online ID to use on the site.

Where can I go to learn more about Sak Saum?

Great question! Sak Saum is a ministry of In His Steps International, located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. You can visit our website at http://www.saksaum.com. You can also read more about the ministry of Sak Saum and In His Steps International at http://www.ihsionline.org

Wholesale Agreement

Please read the following and submit your electronic signature below.

  • Sak Saum is an organization dedicated to the restoration and rehabilitation of exploited women. Products shall be presented keeping this image in mind. All applicants for Sak Saum products agree not to misrepresent products or their source.
  • We reserve the right to refuse business for any reason.
  • Business notifications will be sent in writing. Electronic forms of notification will be used whenever possible. Any communications regarding pricing of goods, stock, or order fulfillment must be confirmed in writing to be valid.
  • Applicant/buyer acknowledges that all products are shipped from Cambodia, and shipping delays may occur.
  • Sak Saum reserves the right to use DHL for all product shipping, as we have found this to be the most reliable form of shipping to and from Cambodia.
  • We reserve the right to make partial shipments when necessary.
  • Returns will be reviewed carefully and issued on a case-by-case basis. Buyer must notify Sak Saum of any returns prior to shipping products back to us. 

Return Policy: Returns will be accepted for manufacturer defect only. Due to the fragile nature of coconut materials, Sak Saum will not accept responsibility for broken or damaged coconut buttons or materials.  Due to the unique nature of using repurposed and recycled materials, we do not have the ability to guarantee fabric choice availability. Buyer acknowledges that all orders are fulfilled with the colors and patterns that are currently available in stock. While color requests are welcomed, we cannot guarantee that they will be available. Returns for color variety are not accepted. 

Returned Payments – All Returned Payments will be assessed a fee of $20.00

  • We reserve the right to review these conditions without prior notice.
  • Sak Saum does not have any distributor agreements. Requests to purchase Sak Saum products for the purpose of selling to other retailers will be declined. At this time, our pricing structure does not support this type of business. 
  • Display requirements: Buyer agrees not to remove or replace Sak Saum branding items in any way, including but not limited to hang tags, logo and logo stitching. Additionally, products must be displayed to include literature and/or brochures that are provided to all Sak Saum Wholesale account holders. The story of Sak Saum must be provided to end customers if they inquire about the product's origins.

Please submit the following information below. Doing so indicates that you agree to the above stipulations.

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