Host Agreement

Dear Freedom Advocate,

Thank you for your interest in the work and purpose of Sak Saum, a ministry to vulnerable and exploited women and men in Cambodia.  We have been so encouraged by an increased demand for our unique and beautiful products from people around the world wanting to engage in the cause of freedom, just like you!  As you can imagine, there are many financial demands for both the restoration program and the production process, and home parties and events are a great way to help us meet this need.  

Sak Saum, which means “dignity” in the language of Cambodia, strongly believes that an important part of restoring dignity to exploited women and men is their ability to have honorable work and earn a fair wage.  The products sold at home parties and events are part of that process, and this is an important part of the Sak Saum story.  Therefore, as a host, it is important that you return the money collected and unsold product from your party to us in a timely manner.  This demonstrates both a good work ethic, and communicates to the women and men in the Sak Saum program that our advocates care about them and value them as human beings.  By expediting the financial payment and returning unsold product in a timely manner, you become part of their caring Sak Saum network!

In light of this, please take a moment to read and electronically sign this Sak Saum Host Agreement. Once we have your signed agreement, we will immediately begin the process of planning your event with you!

Again, we are delighted and so grateful for you and your willingness to help bring healing and restoration to those who so desperately need it. Thank you for your commitment to help the cause of freedom by partnering with Sak Saum.


Ginny Hanson
Sak Saum Founder

Terms & Conditions

  • Party holders are required to submit any funds and proceeds within 30 days following your event. A PayPal invoice will be sent once your party has been held. We no longer accept personal checks from the hostess. Any funds not received within 45 days are subject to a 2% late fee. Funds delinquent over 60 days will incur an additional fee of 10% or $50, whichever is the lesser amount.

  • Party holders are responsible for keeping track of and returning all unsold inventory. Any unsold items not returned to Sak Saum within 30 days of the date of the party will be added to the total invoice amount due.

  • To avoid mistakes in billing and invoicing, party holders should count and inventory all products received before the sale and again once the sale is finished. Products sold and/or unsold should be indicated on the invoice. Any missing products will be added to the total invoice amount due.

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