“Sak Saum” is a verb in Khmer, the primary language of Cambodia, meaning to restore to original condition, to remake as new filled with dignity, value, and beauty.  For over 15 years, living the Sak Saum name, our ministry has worked to rescue, restore, rehabilitate, and transform the trafficked people of Cambodia.  
In orphanages we heard the cry of children, “If my mom had a job, I would have my family.”  “If my mom had a job, she would not have to work as a prostitute.”  No child should call this reality!   We were there to hear: face to face, heart to heart, mourning beside these little ones.  God planted Sak Saum in our hearts and the tears of the afflicted watered our ministry.  In faith, we started with one mom, one sewing machine, and one precious baby who would grow into a bright future.  Since then, by the hand of God, Sak Saum created a nurturing, empowering, restorative program that has healed hundreds of lives.  In tears of sorrow we began.  In tears of joy we continue.