we believe you will love Sak Saum’s products and feel good about knowing that your purchase Directly helps us continue our work of rescue and restoration. 

Our products are not mass produced which means each item is as unique as you!
Each Sak Saum product is a tangible piece of someone's changed life! All aspects of our production bring empowerment and dignity to our artisans. 

Our skill training includes all components from design, quality check, to the business savvy, needed for successful entrepreneurship. These skills not only bring change and choice to the lives of our artisans but to future generations as well!

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1. Design: People with backgrounds of exploitation have often had to shut down creative areas of their brain.  The freedom to be creative is transformative! We have a team of designers who work with our artisans on style, design, and fabric selection. We develop prototypes, explore colors and fabrics, and we tweak until it's just right. 
2. Source: While we don't have the capabilities to make our own fabrics, we are committed to sourcing locally wherever possible. Instead of buying from unknown suppliers we primarily purchase from local markets to support men and women in our community. We faithfully patron these places and have seen lives change in these very markets as a result!
3. Repurpose: From overstock & second-hand fabric to buttons made from coconut shells, and wallets & purses made of repurposed tire & cement bags, we love taking something discarded and making it beautiful.  Using repurposed material is a very teachable moment within Sak Saum.  As we use them we remind our artisans that there is nothing God can't redeem.  He takes the very things we thought disqualified us and uses them to display His love, power, and redemption to the world.
4. Production: Production begins when designs are perfected and ready to make for sale.  Our patters are very careful drawn and cut by hand.  Each color of fabric is then hand selected by our women.  Then sewing begins!
5. Quality: The beauty of handmade is the amount of skill and detail that goes into even the smallest of items.  After each product is completed they are inspected to ensure you are getting an excellent product.  Once they pass inspection, they are shipped from Cambodia to all over the world... including to you!
6. Fair: In Cambodia, we see firsthand the power of the fashion industry to either empower or rob people of dignity.  We are committed to providing our staff with fair jobs while providing you with ethical products at a great price.  In a world of cheap consumer goods, we recognize you might be able to find lower prices out there, but the cheaper the price the less likely the product was ethically produced.  We are committed to not re-exploiting our staff with below standard wages or extended work hours for greater profit margins